Creating Your First Landing Page: Fatal Mistakes That May “Kill” Your Sales

Creating Your First Landing Page: Fatal Mistakes That May “Kill” Your Sales

3 стратегические и 17 тактических ошибок при создании landing page

Creating Landing Page is one of the best ways to maximize your online sales and get new clients. But there is one thing you should always remember: if your website is made in a bad way, it can destroy your business and damage your brand’s authority.

Anyway, if you want to succeed in internet promotion, your website should be done professionally. Cheap or old-fashioned landing page may frighten off your potentional customers even though your offer is strong enough. It will certainly cause a marketing budget waste.

In this article we’ll discuss the most popular strategical and tactical mistakes of landing page development.

Сreating Your First Landing Page. Problems From The Start

3 стратегические и 17 тактических ошибок при создании landing page

Beginners in online marketing often are misguided. They think that web-development is a piece of cake, something simple. Unexperienced entrepreneurs are convinced that even one third-rate specialist can hadle with it.

But each web product of high quality conceals a great team work of such specialists as:

  • marketers;
  • designers;
  • back and front-ends;
  • copywriters;
  • project-managers and so on.

Even bad website may bring you leads but sooner or later all serious companies think about upgrading of their websites. It may be redesign, usability advancing, new copywriting…

3 стратегические и 17 тактических ошибок при создании landing page

…And there are at least 3 great strategical mistakes which may cause the failture of your online promotion.

1. Wrong marketing analysis

The most of young and unexperienced businessmen think only about the facade, appearance of their landing page. They don’t keep in mind that the website should be useful for potentional clients. As the result, they create nice looking landing pages which don’t bring them any sales.

If you don’t know what does your potentional client want you won’t achieve any result.

What should I do? Analysis is a base for succesful marketing. Without it you won’t achieve any result.

2. All-in-one landing page

You should remember that it’s impossible to create “one size fits all” solution: landing page can’t solve dozen of your business goals the same time. Promoting 25 services together you will confuse your potentional clients. The most effective landing page is focused on one goal. It has strong product presentation, powerfull marketing triggers, benefits, client’s feedback and so on.

You should always think about your client’s needs, their interests and motivation. It will help you to create really strong offer and landing page with really high conversion rate.

What should I do? If you want to promote several products \ services at the same time, than create a number of landing pages and combine them into the multipage website. You can check out Apple, Nike and Lamborghini websites as an example.

3. Ads and landing page content is quite different

This marketing mistake can ruin your business. Why so? It’s really simple. Just imagine the situation: you’re looking for a inexpensive laptop, click on an ad and land on a website which offers you a grafic tablet which costs 2000 dollars. Or you’re looking for good headphones but the sellers offers you wireless earphone for gaming or business talks. It’s not what you expected and what is a chance that you’ll buy something that you don’t need right now?

When your expectations are disappointed, it’s more likely that you’ll leave a website in an irritated manner than buy anything.

Buy the way, off-targeted traffic makes monitoring of your marketing campaign efficiency more difficult: bounce rate is high, you receive less requests on your email while budget is wasting. Whereas relevant content works much better: conversion rate is higher, lead is cheaper and so on.

What should I do? Carefully copyread and analyze your landing page. It should be relevant to all ads in Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any other marketing channels you use. Do not dissapoint your potentional clients’ expectations and do not give promises you can’t keep.

All these problems usually take place before or during the website development and that’s why you should focus your attention and do not make the same mistakes in your business. You can’t afford to slip up — it may ruin your company just on the start.